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All of the current artwork are reproductions of my original pieces that have been sold.

P.S. Don't worry, new original vibrant paintings will be available in spring 2024!

Realistic animal drawings that symbolize the various journeys in our lives, set against vibrant backgrounds.

Unique Animal Art

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✦ KIND WORDS FROM Customers ✦

  • I received a painting from the strong happy artist. A perfect gift. Perched up on top a saguaro cactus was two hawks, one standing on top of the others back. I have it in my living room where as every time I see it it makes me smile. I love it!

    - Susan Knight
  • I purchased a Bee painting as a gift for my mother's birthday, it was perfect! She Loved it!! I also was very pleased that it arrived on time!

    - Corrina B.
  • I bought a beautiful art print from the strong happy artist that now sits in my room. She is easy to work with, and the print came out great! Will definitly be buying again.

    - Andrew F.
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I'm Denise, "The Strong Happy Artist." I help people breath new life into their living space by creating VIBRANT and JOYFUL mixed media paintings . These unique works of art add JOY and COLOR to the homes of anyone looking to add fun and excitement into their life…